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Dnet is a leading manufacturer of Microwave Radar Sensor, Motion Sensor, Lighting Sensor, and Security Detector Systems.

Company Profile

  • CEO: Stanley Park

  • Location: Daegu, Korea

  • Web:

  • Since 1987

  • Capacity: 50K units/month

  • Customers: major system integrators for industrial applications over the world

  • CE/ISO9001 Certified

  • COTS and Mass Production

  • Proven field MTBF and low failure rate


  • Microwave Barrier Radar Detector

  • IR & Radar Dual Security Detector

  • Double Quad PIR & Microwave Outdoor Detector

  • Graphic User Interface and Network Management

  • Lighting/Door Sensor

  • K-band Radar Sensor Module

  • X-band Radar Sensor Module

  • C-band Radar Sensor Module

  • S-band Radar Sensor Module

  • Range Detection Sensor

  • Speed Detection Sensor

  • Low Power Consumption

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