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RFPT is a leading manufacturer of High Power Generator for Semi-conductor Process Equipment and Accelerator, SSPAs and Spatial Combining Technology.

Company Profile

  • CEO: Dr.Dongheon Lee

  • Location: Anyang, Korea

  • Web:

  • Since 2010

  • Customers: major system integrators for industrial, military, and scientific markets over the world

  • ISO9001/CE/Semi F47 Certified

  • Strong for Power Generator for Plasma/                                   

       Laser Marker/Accelerators/

       Transmitters for Radar/

       Spatial Combiners/

       Customized products


  • Products for Plasma Process ;

          RF Generators -

             13.56MHz 300W to 5KW 

             with fast matching time

          RF Matcher -


          Remote Plasma System –

             9KW VI Probe/RF Filter/

             Switch/Dual Generator

          MF Generator & Auto Matching Box

          Variable DC Pulse Power for ELID

  • Products for Laser Markers ;

          RF Driver –



  • Products for Particle Accelerator ;

          VHF 7KW/S-band 1KW/

          X-band 1KW SSA

          S-band Dual Pulse SSPA

          UDC/Clock Module for S & X-band

          81.25MHz 4KW/162.5MHz 6KW/

          325MHz 7KW

  • 2.856GHz 1KW/11.424GHz 1KW SSPA

  • Ku-band 5ch. Radar UDC /

          VHF 2KW TRM

  • High Power Combiners : Radial/Spatial/WG

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