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We, CoTechWave, are a leading supplier of high performance RF/microwave, BT, and IoT products through faithful manufacturers.

Our mission is to share and achieve our clients' goals by providing right solutions.

We also target to accomplish our mission via faithful partners, reliable products, quality assurance, competitive price, effective process, and efficient program management.


Kaby has been in RF/Microwave industry for 28 years holding senior operational and technical sales roles within Genmix Technology, Karmel Technology, AlanBridge, TGE, Broadern, Millitron, and Hyundai Electronics.

He established CoTechWave in Aug., 2018 for representing reliable manufacturers and supporting valuable customers with mutual benefits.

Kaby is a qualified electronics engineer and holds related certifications in RF/Microwave industry.

Specialty : Technical Sales with RF/Microwave engineering background

Highlights :

  • Understanding of RF/Microwave and Related System Engineering

  • Program Management

  • Various networks for customers and manufacturers

  • Technical/Commercial Proposals

  • Defense/Military Programs

  • HMIC Process

  • Experienced in Space-grade Products

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CoTechWave is providing Services for ;

  • Technical Solutions

  • Joint Venture
  • ODM/OEM Development and Manufacturing

  • Parts Kitting Service

  • Obsolete Parts and Space Grade Parts Survey

  • HMIC Assembly & Test

  • Custom RFIC/MMIC Design

  • EQT & EMC Testing

  • Overseas Military Program Management

  • Consulting

  • Training

    In the Markets / Applications ;

  • Military/Industrial/SatCom/Broadcasting/Medical/Instrument/Automotive Market

  • RF/Microwave/mm-Wave Applications

  • Turn-key and Kitting Service Providers

  • Bio Technology/IoT Markets

CoTechWave is providing Consulting Service as well ;

  • Overseas Business/Customer Development

  • Overseas Military Program Management and Products Qualification

  • Hi-Rel Products Qualification Process ;




  • HMIC (Chip & Wire) Process and Workmanship

  • Overseas Marketing Plan (Exhibition/Advertisement)

  • Joint Venture

  • Government Funding Program Proposal and Management

  • General RF/Microwave Issues

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