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Innertron is a leading manufacturer of Filters/Duplexers/PIMD Tester/Active Sub-systems and Systems/Ceramic Products.

Company Profile

  • CEO: HR Cho

  • Location: Incheon, Korea

  • Web:

  • Since 2002

  • Customers: major system integrators for industrial and service providers for telecommunications over the world

  • Overseas sales offices in Tokyo (Japan)/Bangkok (Thailand)/USA

  • ISO9001/14001 Certified

  • 177,500 square feet facility

  • 16,500units/month capacity

  • 115 employees w/o overseas sales office (as of Aug.,2018)

  • $33M revenue (yr.2017)

  • Located in Free Economic Zone and huge industrial complex near Int’l airport and port

  • Superb logistics and maximum utilization of industrial infrastructure

  • 100+ patents filed

  • Strong for Customized RF & Microwave Components Systems and Sub-systems


  • Filters/Duplexers/Multiplexers ;

          General Filters & Duplexers/

          Specialized BPF+BRF/Duplexers/

          Small Cavity Filters/

          Filters for Broadcasting Systems

  • TMAs / Amplifiers ;

          4G LTE Front-end Units/Combiners

          Tower Mounted Amplifiers

  • RF Integrated Assemblies and Front-end Units/RRH Sub-systems

  • PIMD Test Equipment ;

          Standard Single Band/

          Customized 2-tones/

          Customized Multi-band PIMD Tester/

          Full Automated Equipment

  • PowerWave coverage products including RMA ;

          Acquired July, 2018

  • DAS Systems and Repeaters ;

          Active DAS POI/Amp Units/

          Supporting all 3GPP config.

          and Passive Products

  • Ceramic Components ;

          Delay Lines/Couplers/

          Patch Antenna/Chip Antenna/

          LTCC Filters/Ceramic Substrates

  • Electronic Components ;

          Phosphor Layers for LED Chips/

          Process Service

  • Satellite Repeaters ;

          Inmarsat and Iridium

  • SOHO Dual Band Repeater

  • Digital Wireless Microphone System ;


          Extension Ant./Distribution System

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