M3Sys is a leading manufacturer of Special LC, PCB Type, Cavity and Waveguide Filters/Multiplexers/OMTs/SFBs.

Company Profile

  • CEO: Joon-suk Suh

  • Location: Hwaseong, Korea

  • Web:  

  • Since 2006

  • Customers: major system integrators for overseas and domestic military, space, and SatCom markets

  • ISO9001 Certified

  • Specialties in cavity/waveguide filters/multiplexers/

       Switched filter banks/broadband

  • Capability up to W-band


  • Switched Filter Banks;

           Up to 32ch./with Multiplexers/

           Broadband SFBs

  • Multiplexers/Channel Filters;

           Up to 7ch / 2-18GHz/

           up to Ka-band

           2-18GHz 4ch Multiplexer/

           In&Out Mux.

  • Filters/Duplexers;


           1-18GHz Duplexer(suspended PCB)

           1.2-15GHz HPF/2.4-18GHz HPF

  • OMTs/Feeder Horns;

           Ku/Ka-band/Rotary Joints/


  • Technology ;


           Interdigital/Combline type

  • Applications ;

           EW/Radar/Maritime SatCom/

           Airborne/Space Payload/

           Military Datalink/Measurement/DMR

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