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PaxDisk is a leading manufacturer of Flash SSD storage products for military applications and FPGA based FM Tuner/NMR Spectrometer products.

Company Profile

  • CEO: DH Lee

  • Location: Seoul, Korea

  • Web:

  • Since 2002

  • Customers: Military system integrator, Bio-medical Institute/Hospital/Analysis Institute

  • Strong for Engineering/Realizing products by Cutting-edge technologies


  • Flash SSD  ;

         1.0 / 1.8 / 2.5 / 3.5 inch SSD

         Special type SSD/USB interface SSD

         FPGA based

         Proven for military, airborne, 

           helicopter, warship, tactical vehicles, 

           and combat tanks applications


         VxWorks/Linux/MS Windows

            OS/2 Warp/MacOS/Solaris/MS-DOS

         PCI/Ultra SCSI/Ultra ATA/Serial ATA/

            PCMCIA/USB 3.x Interface support

  • Excellent sensitivity and High Definition FPGA FM Tuner

  • BT related : NMR Spectrometer

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